AVG Internet Security - Latest Version 2020

AVG Internet Security
Our progressed antivirus examines for, expels and level out stops infections, ransomware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, and other terrible malware — and in light of the fact that everything occurs continuously, we can get dangers before they contact you. We secure your USB and DVD drives similarly as fast, as well.

Our preferred piece? It refreshes your security consequently and utilizes progressed Artificial Intelligence (AI) and constant investigation to assist stop with night the freshest dangers from getting close to you.


Your email has never been more secure. Our Email Shield innovation explicitly targets email connections to stop dangers, any place they may originate from — vindictive senders or companions sending malware out accidentally.

Your online security is ensured with constant connection and download checking, and assurance against unbound Wi-Fi spots. On the off chance that you click it, we filter it — with our best web security programming, you generally realize your direction is clear.

Our Enhanced Firewall gives you full command over precisely who and what comes all through your PC. What's more, our Ransomware Protection gives an additional layer of assurance against consistently expanding ransomware assaults.

That implies no one wrecks with any of your private information, records, photographs, and passwords — no programmers, no ransomware, nothing.

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