GP 48 Poisha Minute (Any Number) 16 Taka for 15 Days Offer Pack Code 2020

16Tk 48Poisha 15Days

Revive sum will be included the client's fundamental record 
To get the offer, the client needs to revive accurate individual sum 
16Tk energize based offer is pertinent for paid ahead of time (barring ERS and BPO) clients as it were 

"Any neighborhood number" signifies household organize calls just (GP-GP, GP-Other Mobile Operators, GP-PSTN and GP-IPTSP) barring any short code calls 

During the offer time frame, this extraordinary call rate is relevant on normal bundle levy, Super FnF, FnF, people group duty (counting BS prepaid 1 and 5) 

This offer can be profited on various occasions during the effort period. On various energizes, higher legitimacy will be applied 

After the legitimacy time of uncommon call rate, the client will come back to his past offer/bundle 

Offer Pack Code: Click & See Code

This offer isn't pertinent for Skitto clients 

This is a restricted time offer 
10% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT comprehensive of SD will be appropriate for all charges + 1% extra charge on base levy