Robi 50 Paisa Minutes Call Rate for 30 Days to Any Number

50p/min Call Rate to Any Number

This unique call rate is material for nearby numbers as it were. 
This offer can be benefited on various occasions during the crusade term. 
If there should arise an occurrence of numerous energizes, the more extended legitimacy will win. 

The extraordinary call rate will be enacted in a split second after the energize. 

This unique call rate isn't relevant to Bonus Minutes and Bundle Minutes. Extra minutes and Bundle Minutes will be expended first. 

Lower call rates will be appropriate for FnF and Priyo numbers. 

Other help rates, (for example, SMS, and so on.) will stay unaltered (according to the current item recommendation) during the crusade time frame. 

After the exceptional levy legitimacy period, the past offer/bundle will re-apply. 

Offer Pack Code: Click & See Code

A 10-second heartbeat is pertinent. 

The crusade will run for a most extreme time of 30 days or till further notification. 

10% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT on levy comprehensive of SD, and 1% extra charge on base tax will be material.