GP 6 Minutes 3.70 Taka 4 Hours Pack Code - Grameenphone 2020

6Minutes 3.70Tk 4Hours

Toward the finish of the legitimacy time frame, if a client has any outstanding minutes, it will be relinquished. Nonetheless, if a client re-buys inside the legitimacy time frame, the minutes will be included and the higher legitimacy will be given 

Clients need to dial *121*1*2# to realize the rest of the minute's balance 

Offer Pack Code: Click & See Code

The minutes bought can be utilized for any neighborhood administrator 

"GP-Any nearby administrator" signifies household arrange calls just (GP-other versatile administrators, GP-PSTN and GP-IPTSP) barring any shortcode calls The cost is comprehensive of SD, VAT, and SC 

This offer is appropriate for all GPAY enlisted prepaid clients as it were.